Arche Paper Editions

Arche Paper Editions

Pepin offers you a vast selection of artwork reproduced on Arche paper, a unique product of which you can see and feel the quality. The artist also numbers and signs every edited copy herself. From a collector's point of view, a reproduction on Arche paper procures the same joy as an original painting!

A reproduction of one of Pepin's original artworks on Arche paper is done from a perfect-quality photograph that is digitised in a sophisticated data archiving system.

After the artist and her technician have verified and adjusted the colors to obtain optimal results, the image is electronically transmitted to an Epson printer. A sheet of Arche, or Fine Arts paper is inserted in a special bypass where minuscule ink jets, finer than a human hair, diffuse the inks on the paper. The printing is done one line at a time, with a resolution of 1440 points per inch. For a medium-size artwork, this process can take up to thirty minutes! The last step consists in fixing the colors with a protective film, resistant to light and UV rays, so the artwork passes the test of time.

Available Sizes

For information on available sizes and pricing, please refer to the tables in the gallery.